My A.M. Routine ❤🌞

startup-photosHowdy! 🤠 I wanted to share my morning routine bc I’ve posted a lot about time management & I feel like this is a good topic to discuss. It’s sometimes kind of hard to find a balance bc we all have so much going on, so many distractions & so much stress, so I hope these tips will help to put God #1 in your day. Btw I’m not exactly perfect at this, but I try. Lol

Every morning, I try to spend some time reading devotionals or articles for personal and/ or spiritual growth. Also bible verses as well. I admit, I’m not good at reading the bible on my own for a long period of time lol, which is why I like devotionals so much. They help me study the Bible but with some sort of “guidance.” I do read some on my own, & one goal of mine is to get better at this. Some of my favorite devotionals are from World Challenge. I also love listening to Dr. David Jeremiah’s Turning Point sermons during the week, usually I make time on Wednesday nights while I do mid- week house cleaning lol. You can just play it & listen while you do other stuff.

Life, can be unpredictable sometimes to say the least LOL. You may not always have time to do this, but, at least try to incorporate 10 minutes of quiet reading & reflection into your morning. Do it before things start happening, just get up 10-15, even start with 5 minutes earlier and you’ll see what an amazing difference it makes in your life. Just spending those few minutes alone with God, thanking Him, I feel set me up for a great day. It changes your whole perspective & puts you at peace. After I also like to check my twitter feed for news, stretch & do some breathing, though tbh sometimes I forget about the breathing. The breathing is just taking deep breaths in & out, its supposed to help you, it’s not anything weird like yoga which I don’t believe in. I also do not believe in meditation or clearing my mind or anything that goes against the Bible. I literally just breathe deeply lol. I saw a video saying people aren’t getting enough oxygen to their brain, bc they’re simply not even breathing properly LOL (I don’t know how true it is tbh, it was on youtube, I just try to breathe LOL). I also listen to Christian/ worship music every single morning omw to work. Like the really upbeat songs (absolutely nothing slow or downer, but that’s a general rule for me all of the time😊).

Just a warning… you might love this new routine so much, you may have a hard time leaving your bed/ house bc you’ll just want to stay home reading & learning all day lol. And God might inspire you to get up earlier to pursue those goals & passion projects, who knows! Possibilities are endless ❤🌈☄

Hope you’re having a great day, staying motivated on this 1st week of the year, & staying warm!! Xoxo ❄⛄

PS- Here are the links to the weekly devotionals & sermons I listen to, hope they help you too! 🙂

(David Wilkerson’s & his son Gary Wilkerson’s ministry)

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