Christian Book Reviews and Recommendations (Dec/ Jan) 🙂📚🤓

I had kind of a long reading list for the month of January lol. I just finished a couple of books & I’m slowly but surely working on some more. (I’m just basically addicted to my Kindle app bc I can read my books anywhere & lots are free to download!!🤓). There’s just so many great books out there!! But one must choose. So first, let me tell you about the books I read in December/ beginning of January! FYI, the books I read are usually about living a Christ-centered life or about dating by Christian authors.

  • Is this your man? By Colin Tate

This book was fantastic imo! Colin came up with 6 toxic types of men you should avoid. And let me tell you, it’s real & eye-opening!! It’s also God- centered which is what I loved the most. A must- read for every single Christian woman trying to navigate the dating scene! You can download free with Kindle unlimited.


  • Faith Habits By Derron E. Short

Simply put, this book is amazing. It’s perfect for anyone trying to reach that next level in their faith, but they’re just not sure how. It talks about habits we need to develop AND drop as Christians. It’s completely Bible- based, & seriously one of the BEST books I’ve read!!! It’s actually really changed my life, my perspective, & I’m not exaggerating. I LOVED this book. It’s also available to download free with Kindle Unlimited.


The books I picked to read in January are…

  • “ Perfecting the Saints” By Derron E. Short. The reason I chose this book is bc Derron’s book Faith Habits was so fantastic, I just want to read more of his material. He really knows so much, so I am sure to enjoy this one as well. (Link below)

  • A Life Beyond Amazing by Dr. David Jeremiah. I started a little bit of this book, and I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I have a physical copy vs Kindle copy, I find it hard to read & stay focused on it for very long. I’m STILL on the 1st Chapter of Love. The book is REALLY good, I dk, I just think it’s hard to read. It’s also a very long book so this might be one of my February books as well possibly if I’m not done. But it’s so interesting. Maybe they’re just hard concepts for me LOL. But either way I’m going to push forward. ✊ There’s a lot of wisdom from God in this book. (Link below as well)

So my 2018 is off to a great start! I have to go take a nap now lol. 😴 Xoxo

PS- Here are the links to all the books I mentioned: 🤓📚

“Is This Your Man?: Meet Six Types of Men that Women Should Avoid Dating” by Colin Tate.
Start reading it for free:

“Faith Habits: Identify Unproductive Habits and Unlock Your God Given Potential” by Derron E Short. Start reading it for free:

“Perfecting The Saints” by Derron Short.
Start reading it for free:

“A Life Beyond Amazing: 9 Decisions That Will Transform Your Life Today” by David Jeremiah.
Start reading it for free:

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