Happy 3 Kings Day! ¡Felíz Día de Reyes! ☄🐫🐫🐫

In case you didn’t know, many Hispanic countries celebrate today Dia de Reyes, of 3 Kings’ Day (Day of Epiphany). Basically today we celebrate when the wise men arrived to worship the newborn King Jesus. In Puerto Rico and Spain, it really is a beautiful celebration (the holidays are not nearly over yet!), and for those of us who are now living outside of our countries, we still celebrate this tradition as well.

I personally love the celebration of Reyes because I feel like it focuses so much more on what’s important. It focuses completely on celebrating the real story of Jesus. Also since it’s after Christmas, I feel like there’s less pressure. It becomes more about family and celebrating than anything else. It’s really just a joyful holiday centered around children, and their happiness.

If you do celebrate it, I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and friends. 💖🎉🎁 God bless, Xoxo

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