Snow Day! ❄☃️

PicsArt_03-21-03.23.46I love snow days, this season hasn’t been as bad here where I live, and tbh I just miss the snow. Actually I think this is the first real LEGITIMATE snow day we’ve had because there have been others but it’s been like less than 3 inches of snow. That is not even real snow imo LOL. 😂

Anyway I just love how snow days simply stop everything. People can’t go to work, children can’t go to school, families are just forced to stay home and well, be together!! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 It’s such a rare thing these days. We’re so rushed, so busy that a snow day where we can actually take time to have some breakfast with family, is really welcomed. Many people work from home so this is still a work day technically for some, but it’s still so nice to break out of the norm and have some extra time either to yourself or with family.

Growing up in Puerto Rico, of course I never had snow days lol. We did have however, hurricane days. 🌬🌀 These were days when school and work was cancelled due to incoming hurricane. And this was serious lol. First of all, there’s the immediate threat that you might actually die LOL, or lose your home. In Puerto Rico, hurricane winds cut off power and water, so that further complicated things. People need to buy weeks of supplies (drinking water for your entire family, flashlights with batteries, a gas stove, non perishable food to eat, etc etc, oh and don’t forget to collect rainwater so you have a way to clean!) to be ready for a hurricane. But, even in this situation, I feel like as a kid you still have fun no matter what. You’re just so happy to be out of school and home with your family.

We would play, and simply watching the hurricane (when we could take peek), was really exciting! My mom would cook in her little gas stove, and made us hot chocolate with cheese (a tradition in Puerto Rico when there are gatherings lol), and then after, instead of cleaning up snow you clean up leaves and branches lol. But it’s so nice back then and even now, how everything stops, and it makes you think of what is really important. At least for me. 🤔😌 We really have no control of anything, God is the one who is in control. God can make the weather do anything, whether it’s a hurricane or a blizzard. Nature really is simply gorgeous, it can leave us in awe of its power, and God is control of it all. It’s truly amazing! 😮😌❤

In his hand are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to him.
The sea is his, for he made it,
 and his hands formed the dry land. — Psalm 95:4-5 NIV

Hope you are having a blessed week! Xoxo 💖

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