Happy FriYAY! (Yeah I said it!😂) New Music! Kim Walker- Smith Ed.👩‍🎤🎤

20180504_005656_0001Happy Friday! I hope you guys had a great week!! 🙂 So today of course, I want to share some new worship music! 🙌🎧 3 of the songs feature Kim Walker- Smith in vocals. 🎤👩‍🎤 I love her voice, it’s so powerful! 👊 She does vocals with Jesus Culture, & now she also released recently a solo album! Song #3 is from that album. Songs #5 & #6 are songs she has done with Jesus culture. The rest are songs I love from other Christian artists. 🎶

Hope you like my picks!! 🙌😃❤

  1. Wide Open- Austin French https://youtu.be/yEaUPm_fn_4
  2. Whole Heart- Brandon Heath https://youtu.be/5z0vViy0uLU
  3. Throne Room- Kim Walker Smith https://youtu.be/A1Ljl32SqRc
  4. Mandisa Ft. Toby Mac- Bleed the same https://youtu.be/HVKuA1s5I3o
  5. Love has a name- Jesus Culture ft. Kim Walker- Smith https://youtu.be/d2S3aJIf9w8
  6. Alive in you (live)- From their album “Let it Echo”- Jesus Culture ft. Kim Walker Smith https://youtu.be/HdYYR19wmYM 

Have a fantastic weekend & next week I will be back with a longer post I am working on… Stay tuned!! 😉 God bless, Xoxo 💖🙌



    1. God Makes All Things New

      Yay! So glad you liked!! Its really awesome. Im looking for his album but for some reason I can only find his 2 singles. I think its not out yet! I look forward to listening to it! Also Alive in you by Jesus culture, you need to have a listen… Its an incredible song!! I mean they all are imo lol, but that song is so incredible 💖❤🙌🙌 Amen, thank you & God bless you too! 🙂

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