What do you need to let go of?


This is my question for you today! What in your life, is stopping you from having a truly intimate relationship with Jesus?

In my personal life, I used to have a lot of things I needed to let go. God helped me with this when I opened my heart to Him and asked. Many things I clearly knew, but some I really was not aware were blocking the flow of the Holy Spirit in my life.

There was one big one last year that I had no clue was there, but then I felt the spirit telling me so clearly, over and over, that I needed to stop and let this go. I am certainly glad I was obedient (though it took me a while to be honest hahah), and although at first it was difficult, it was really one of the BEST DECISIONS I’ve ever made in my life. I’ve seen exponential growth after this. AFTER I did that, God spoke to me and told me to start this blog. And now thinking back at it, I am amazed! I’m just in awe!

You see, I was a very “political” person in my past. And not even THE most political. But I was absolutely CONSUMED with worry about politics and the news. I never did anything about it other than just, WORRY!!!! LOL. I considered myself a Christian, but I never understood conservative politics in the US and it drove me, basically insane and it consumed my mind. I always talked about, thought about it, and basically obsessed about it.

I understand the political “atmosphere” is just, BAD right now. It’s crazy. But we NEED to focus on Jesus. We just have to. Now more than ever! If we want to survive this madness, if we want our families to be saved and we want to be saved, and others to be saved, then there is no other way than to look to the ONE who can save us. Or we can easily get corrupted ourselves, become like the world, & let seeds of hatred & resentment take root in our heart. This simply cannot be! 

Yes, there are things we can do to make a difference. And I’m not saying we should turn a blind eye to suffering. That would be, WRONG and against everything Jesus ever taught us. But what I am saying, is we simply cannot let anything take the place of Jesus in our minds and in our hearts. For me, politics, were my identity. Sure, I was a Christian. At this point, I was saved, not depressed, etc etc. But a big part of my identity was STILL on the things of the world. Some things, the enemy uses to infiltrate the deepest part of our hearts, and fool us into thinking it is “JUST WHO WE ARE.” But of course, that is not true. You are more than a political party. You are more than some friends at the bar who keep asking you to drink and hang out when you know you shouldn’t. You are more than, basically WHATEVER is blocking the flow of the Holy Spirit in your life. If we don’t clean out these hidden things the enemy tries to put in our heart, they can grow & become big things & even cost us our salvation! 

So what is it that you need to let go of today? If you’re unsure as to why your relationship with God isn’t growing, maybe you should ask God to examine your heart, and reveal to you, what is in your life that you need to remove? God is faithful and merciful, He will surely reveal the answer to you. On Saturdays many people clean out their house, make sure you are always asking God to clean out your heart. 💖 He will remove everything that doesn’t belong, but you need to do your part & let it go. He is faithful & He will help you. Our reward in Him is much greater than anything you’re trying to hold on to in your own strenght. 💖😇 Hope you are having a fantastic Saturday! Xoxo💖

15 thoughts on “What do you need to let go of?

  1. We don’t realize how we can turn something into an obsession. I surrender a lot of things to God. I know there is more, and God has press it on me to work on my heart. I need to guard it more and stop putting people ahead of him in my thoughts. I can sense the block at times and I work on it everyday to focus on him. God is so Good, he provides a way for us to reconnect with him.

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  2. I also used to put too much of my identity and thought into politics, but I finally realized I wasn’t reflecting Christ or living in the Spirit, so some of the scales have fallen from my eyes. ❤

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      1. It’ll be up in about three-and-a-half hours. This happens sometime with some other Christian bloggers – we’ve either posted on teh same topic, Bible verse, or something else that reminds me that we’re all hearing from and responding to the same Spirit. 🙂

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