God Makes All Things New is Away on “Vacation” 🙂🌞


Hi everyone!! I hope you’re having a great July!! I wanted to update you because I haven’t been able to post in the last couple of weeks. I’m putting my blog on “vacation” mode LOL, until next week. I have family visiting & I really did not expect to be this busy. Also this week is vacation Bible school at my church, I am so happy to be helping out there. I haven’t had the time like I usually do to sit & write my longer posts, I am working on a couple posts which will be up next week. For now, I apologize that I haven’t posted anything. 😢😢😢😭😭😭 If you are on Instagram, please follow me there! ❤ I post short reflections on there & daily inspirational messages. 💖🙂 I’ve still made time to listen to Tony Evans & its so funny, I decided to fast once a week, it’s something I try but then I forget & neglect but I shouldn’t. So I’m recommitting. & he has a sermon this week on the importance of fasting!!! Coincidence? I think not! Lol. 😀

The Importance of Fasting http://subspla.sh/mn3bz5m

Fasting for Deliverance http://subspla.sh/4x66n2p

What are you guys doing this summer? Any plans with family, church, God? I hope you guys are having a wonderful  & blessed summer! Xoxo ❤🌞

13 thoughts on “God Makes All Things New is Away on “Vacation” 🙂🌞

  1. Enjoy, every now and then we need a break. I’m going to fast before returning to work. I need God to adjust and reorganize my life before returning to work.
    Plus, I’ve been helping out a lot at church, not to win Gods approval, but I truly enjoying meeting people and helping in any way I can.
    Outside of church God is using me to help others and meet new faces. Devoting my time more to the blog.
    God is moving in my life and deep within me.
    See you when you come back next week!
    Enjoy these moments!

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