Updates! ❤🙌

Hi everybody!

I have gone for quite some time and I want to apologize to all. Of course, it’s been my intent to write this whole time. But it seems like every time I sit down to write something, not long after I get interrupted by something that desperately needs my attention, and I have to tend to it. So I haven’t been able to finish a full post!


Well just some quick updates! I am helping out at church a lot more. I teach Sunday school and in this Bible Institute they have which is twice a month, and am really really loving it. I never thought I would be doing it, it’s really an honor! Actually, I didn’t want to do it initially. Lol. Funny how God knows what we are good at and what we will enjoy more than we ourselves are aware of. Of course, He created us! So initially I was so hesitant. I said no actually. But one Sunday the Lord spoke to me right during the service, wow I was moved. He spoke to my heart. I knew it was a message from God. I had to tell the lady (to whom I had previously said no to lol), if I could still please help. I had to do it that day without delay because the Lord spoke to me. And I did, and she started to cry! And then I started to cry… It was a moving moment. I had also dreamt about us hugging & crying months before but I had no idea what this dream meant, so I paid little attention to it (I should have asked God to tell me the meaning!), anyways it was still revealed. God is incredible!!!!!! So to God be the glory, I am there now and it’s a great experience!!! We’re also going to Guatemala next month!!!! Please keep us in your prayers. I’ve never been out of the US hahaha, just Puerto Rico. I imagine Guatemala is a lot like Puerto Rico. Except of course it’s unique culture. Speaking of Guatemala, I also have a boyfriend and he is from there! He’s of course a Christian, and loves God very much! He’s a man of God which is what I love most about him. I’m grateful that God has brought him into my life. 💖🙏😍

When God places you somewhere, He also prepares you. I have seen the hand of God just help me throughout this whole entire process. Putting the lessons together, one reason I initially said no, was because I didn’t think I was capable. But, God is giving me wisdom I know is just coming from Him. And money for materials, decorations, everything I have needed/ desired for my classroom has appeared. Praise God! 🙌

I’m working a full post which isn’t ready yet, but I just wanted to give a quick update. 🙂 I hope you guys are having a blessed September!! Xoxo 💖



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