Updates & my 1st Blogging Anniversary!😀🎉🙌🏻


Hi everyone!!! I wanted to say hello (hi!!!), and let you guys know I haven’t been as active on here but I AM working on some stuff behind the scenes!! I actually got sick with a really bad cold and it knocked me out for a good week, week and a half. But thank God I am doing so much better. In less than 2 weeks, my blog turns 1!!!! So I will be doing some things to celebrate the one year anniversary of God Makes All Things New!!! It’s really been an amazing journey and I really am just so grateful to God for this experience. I will be posting a very special post about that on December 11th, the day my first post was published one year ago. I was reading my old posts, and it’s so funny how God works because, I was actually inspired by them. LOL. I’m not trying to brag or anything, but they actually spoke to me. Not that i think I’m amazing but it actually reaffirmed to me the fact that when God makes a promise, no matter how long, you will see it happen. But more on that later…🙂

I will also be doing a series of short posts on my Instagram starting December 1st, everyday until December 11th, the day of the Anniversary! In these posts I wanted to review the lessons God has taught me this past year. There are many more, but of course, I am just doing eleven because of the day lol. If you’re not following me on Instagram, please do! My name on there is @God_makes_all_new. I will also put all of these posts together on an ebook, which will be free for download and will post it here on December 11th! 💖💖🤓🙌🏻

I also wanted to take this opportunity to announce some changes! Well, first of all, I decided to eliminate my music posts. (I’m sorry!) It’s become difficult with my other life demands, to make a music post every other week. Instead I will go back to what I did before, which was to share my playlist every so often. So they’re not totally eliminated, just not as often. 🙂 Another change you will notice is that I will be posting a bit more on actual Bible teachings. Not that I didn’t do this before lol, but now I wanted to share more of what I’m learning from the Bible, such as the stories, etc. This is because since I am a Sunday school teacher and Children’s Bible Institute teacher, and the things we cover are really incredibly interesting, and it made me think, a lot of adults do not actually know these things (I didn’t LOL). The more we share the Word and its teachings, the more people will know about God and it will strengthen their faith! 🤓💪

Technically, my blog anniversary is December 3rd lol, because that is when I first opened the site and started the blog, but I had not yet posted. But I am celebrating December 11th, the day of my first post. 🙂 I feel really really incredibly blessed beyond measure. I am so thankful for the people I’ve met on here, I pray for all of you my followers, and I hope you have a blessed weekend!! God bless!! Xoxo 💖💖



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