Christian Blogging Tips! 🤓📝


I wanted to do a post about Christian blogging; I’m not an expert (YET! LOL), but I wanted to share some tips because when I first started and still right now, I find it really helpful when other bloggers share their tips, so I wanted to share some things that have worked for me as well!! If you’re thinking about starting a blog, it’s insanely easy. I’ve read some articles where it seems like they overcomplicate things LOL. At least with WordPress, it’s very easy. You just create an account and start posting within a few minutes.

The best thing about Christian blogging is that it’s really helped me learn more about God and draw closer to Him! You really have to reflect and read the word if you want to do a good post, and this actually helps the author just as much as the reader. It’s really a great process. Plus you also get to interact with other Christians across the world and share ideas! If you’re Christian and thinking of starting a Christian blog, I highly recommend it! IMO it’s one of the best ways to get closer with God and find people with whom you share that passion!

Tip #1: Pray and be led by the Holy Spirit.

This sounds very obvious lol, but it’s true! If you’re blogging about faith, then you should really just follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. This of course applies to every aspect of our lives. But especially when we need the wisdom necessary to talk about the issues of life, to reflect on them, to extract the lessons, IMO the Holy Spirit will be the one to give you the message that needs to be sent out. If you pray and ask God to GIVE YOU topics to write about instead of relying on yourself to try and come up with them, not only will be much much easier, but anything God gives you will of course be infinitely better!

This leads me to my next tip…

Tip #2: Don’t worry about schedules or numbers!

I personally do not worry about posting schedules because I write whenever I feel in my spirit that God has given me a message or idea to write. It’s not usually on a specific day, although I do like to post AT LEAST once a week and generally I like to post during the week (I try lol). And I don’t worry much about numbers, although I do like it when people like my stuff! Lol.  😉🤣

Tip #3: Do your research! 📚

Depending on the post, it can take quite a bit of time and research. We need to make sure our writing aligns with what the Bible says. Make sure you use reliable resources! There are many many websites out there, each stating their interpretation of the Bible. Pray to God for wisdom because some of them misinterpret the Bible & just give false information! I usually check and I also ask my Mom sometimes lol. She is very wise! 🤓

Tip #4: Edit and get ideas across as clearly as possible! 📝

People are taking their precious time to read your blog! So I try to be clear, concise, & provide enough supporting examples. And EDIT in order to keep grammar & spelling errors to a minimum! Sometimes in the process I have to step back, re-read, & I end up deleting whole paragraphs, moving lines, etc. I write in Google Docs first, edit for errors, then copy and paste into wordpress. 🙂       

Tip #5: Be yourself & have fun! 😎

Letting your personality shine through and being genuine in your posts is really important; that way your readers feel like they’re talking to you. I personally like to keep things light, because that is my personality. Sometimes I get very honest and just get real too LOL.  Find your own style and voice. Don’t try to imitate other blogs. Ask God to help you figure it out if you’re having trouble with this. Also remember that once you start, your style might change as you keep going. Some questions that might help you figure out your voice to start: What is my purpose for writing? How do I want to help people through my writing?

But don’t worry too much about it. Just do your thing and trust God that you’re writing what He’s telling you to write! Just have fun with it! 🙂 😄

Tip #6: Get Techy 🤓

I’m DIY-ing my blog graphics and learning as I go along lol… Currently I use Canva for graphics, it’s a fun app and it’s free. I use Pexels for stock pictures. Pinterest also has a lot of resources posted by experienced bloggers! 

Tip #7: Don’t post anything you’re not totally comfortable sharing 🤐

So this may seem obvious but just like any other social media, don’t overshare. For personal safety don’t put too much personal information about yourself (home address, your exact locations, etc), don’t share experiences that are too personal in too much detail that you’re not comfortable sharing. It’s OK to be vague sometimes lol.

Tip #8: Set aside a time to write, and buckle down! 💪

Like everything in life, there is a time when you need to get serious and work! Even though God gives me the ideas and I love blogging, I have to admit sometimes I’m super distracted or just get lazy.😪 I just want to watch cute animal videos and not concentrate lol. I’ve noticed if I don’t write FIRST THING in the morning, as one of the first few tasks after I get up, I know it’s simply not going to happen for that day. I have to actually set aside time in my schedule, and make myself do it because I know I already have the idea in my head, I just need to do the actual work of putting it all together. You won’t always feel like doing it, and you won’t always feel creative. But, once you set aside a time when you know you’re at your peak energy and creativity (for me it’s in the morning), it will come to you. Away from all distractions. If I don’t follow this routine, it does NOT GET DONE lol. By the end of the day, my brain is tired, and all I’m doing is looking at cute animal videos on Twitter lol. 🐄🐎🐑🐰🐦 I do read, but it’s really hard for me to write at night for some reason. But you might be the opposite! So find a routine that works for you! 🙂  💯

Tips #9 & #10: Interact with other bloggers and ALWAYS tag your posts! 🏷

In order to really get the full blogging experience, you should set time aside to read, follow, like, & comment on other people’s blogs! That way you get to know them & you share ideas. There are so many great blogs. Make sure you always tag your posts with words like #jesus #Christianity or #god. I also use #Inspiration. IMO the more hashtags the better LOL. People look through those hashtags. I’ve found great blogs by looking through the #Jesus hashtag!~ And I know people have been able to find my blog because my posts are tagged. Always always tag your posts or hardly anyone will be able to see them!

I hope these tips have been helpful to you and will encourage you to continue or even start a Christian blog! It’s been a blessing for me personally! 🙏💖

Hope you have a blessed Friday! Xoxo



  1. Kristian M. Marion

    Wow! That’s a lot of tips to take in. So much that I didn’t know because I’m still new at this. You sound like a professional. LOL! But seriously, your writing style draws the reader in as if they are reading your very thoughts. Great post! Thank you. God bless.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. God Makes All Things New

      PS- this is actually my 3rd blog! LOL. I used to have a blog on Vox back a looong time ago when it was a blogging platform. But it shut down & I forgot to save my posts & I lost all my work. But its ok bc it wasnt a Christ centered blog. At the time, I wasnt in church. Then I had one on tmblr but I didnt like not writing. Then one on blogger but I didnt like the platform. So I stopped writing for years. Now I started this one! 😀😀🙌💖

      Liked by 1 person

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