Happy Friday! :)

I hope you’ve had an awesome day! I wanted to share some music that’s been on my playlist this week; These songs are super uplifting! 😇 I hope by listening to them you feel as encouraged as I’ve been! :)❤

I use Amazon Music Unlimited, you can listen to & download individual songs or albums; Plus you can take your music with you, its all on your phone or device, & you can listen offline! 😀🙌🎧


Danny Gokey- Masterpiece (from his latest album, Risehttps://youtu.be/culDfUqiKDE

Matthew West- All In (From his latest album by the same name) https://youtu.be/UUc86gfzToU

Mercy Me- Grace Got You (From their latest album, Liferhttps://youtu.be/xtiUjNT_vAM

Have a wonderful & blessed weekend! Xoxo ❤

6 thoughts on “Happy Friday! :)

    1. Yes there’s so many!! ❤❤❤ I will be doing more of these posts to share my playlists! 🙌😀 I love Gracefully broken, listen to that one all the time too! & the one by United Ive never heard but I will check it out!! Thank you!! ❤❤❤

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