Three- Day Quote Challenge (Day 2)

Good morning & I hope you’re having a happy Monday! Today I will share with you the 2nd quote I picked for the 3-Day Quote Challenge & reveal the 2nd person I will nominate!! lol.

Again, this one from Twitter lol.

Here’s the quote: 20180512_010114

I love this quote so much because in the past, I really struggled with my identity. But one thing I just love is that God gives us a new identity in Him. Think about how incredibly deep that is. Everything we ARE, is in Him. We don’t have to look anywhere else! God made us, He knows each of us, & He desires a close relationship with us. ❤💯🙌

I hope you enjoyed this quote & that its helped you in some way! 😀 Have a blessed day, & I hope you had an incredible weekend! Xoxo 💖

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