Be Imitators of God

Imitators of God BImitators of God

As children of God, we’re called to imitate Christ, to follow Christ, not other people. It’s so heartbreaking & concerning to see so many “Christians” fall out from their faith. Especially people who have been given so much influence over younger generations to lead, & they themselves are lost. The latest of these being the Hawk Nelson front man (it’s a Christian band), who has declared himself agnostic & said he “doesn’t believe in God.” I put Christian in quotes because, many times we see people claiming to be Christians but they don’t actually know Christ. & many times, especially with the rise of young Christian music groups & worship leaders, many can truly IMITATE other believers, but they were never imitating God. They’re not actual followers of Christ & they don’t have intimacy with God.
They were imitating other people. & imitating other people will lead to your death, I’m not even exaggerating here. If you read his statement, you can very clearly tell he never knew Christ personally. I myself also came from a devout Christian family, & then in college considered myself agnostic so I have so much to say about this but in a nutshell: he’s simply never had a personal encounter with God. .
We need to pray for him & his family. They’ve served us through their music, at least me I know I’ve been edified by their songs. We also need to pray for the thousands if not millions of others who may be led astray because of his decision to imitate the world. .
We just need to pray that he has a REAL encounter with the most high God. May God reveal Himself to him & to every person that has been influenced by him & remove this spirit of confusion. Anyone who has had a real encounter with God, who has been transformed, & has a real relationship with Jesus, simply doesn’t abandon their faith. We love God. We know His power & have experienced the miracles he sang about, in our lives personally. I pray he does too. There is no greater joy than serving the Lord & giving our lives to Him. When we imitate Christ it’s when we truly walk in our purpose & truly live. Otherwise we are nothing, we are a vapor. I pray he understands this ultimate truth. 🙏💖

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