Waiting on God’s timing


I was listening to a sermon by Dr. Charles Stanley, where he preached about waiting on God’s timing. It really served to edify me. If God is making me wait on something, even though it can seem painful at times, it’s okay because I’m in His hands. I’m so grateful because I know when I receive what He has for me I will be amazed! I don’t want to stray from His plans for me by doing my own thing & going outside of God’s will to get whatever it is I think I need. God knows what I need. What He has planned for me is BIGGER & BETTER than anything I could strive to get on my own! (I’m not talking in terms of material things, although God does provide for us!). I thank Him in advance for what He will do! 🙌🏻🙏🏻 If you are having a hard time waiting, & would like to hear the sermon, here is the link, I hope it’s a blessing for you as well! 💖

Spanish sermon:
English sermon: https://youtu.be/gygGZkMykRE
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