Creation Day 7

The Lord was finished with all the work, & on this day, He rested. He blessed this day & sanctified it (made it holy). We are in a new covenant, so our Sabbath rest is daily, because it’s found in Jesus Christ! The Sabbath is really everyday! ❤ God did not need rest, He did it as an example of what we must follow, so I personally like to rest on Sundays too, take this day to reflect upon the Lord, listen to sermons, read the Bible, recharge, spend time with family & not worry about things I need to do. ❤ As a follower of Christ, do you observe the Sabbath? ❤ Also did you enjoy this walk through of Creation?! I hope so! We read the entire 1st chapter of Genesis & these are the 1st three verses of the 2nd chapter! Thank you guys for reading, I hope it was a blessing! I will continue next week with the fall, (how sin entered the world), but the posts won’t be daily. We will review what happens next! God willing! God bless you happy Sunday!! ❤

♡ Genesis 2:1-3 ♡
1 Thus the heavens and the earth were completed in all their vast array. 
2 And by the seventh day God had finished the work He had been doing; so on that day He rested from all His work.
3 Then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, because on that day He rested from all the work of creation that He had accomplished.
Español 》》》
♡ Génesis 2:1-3 ♡
Fueron, pues, acabados los cielos y la tierra, y todo el ejército de ellos.
2 Y acabó Dios en el día séptimo la obra que hizo; y reposó el día séptimo de toda la obra que hizo.
3 Y bendijo Dios al día séptimo, y lo santificó, porque en él reposó de toda la obra que había hecho en la creación.
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