The only place where I truly belong…

The only place where I truly BELONG…

The Lord brought to my mind this Bible verse this morning & I was meditating on it, I thought about how amazing it is that God’s presence has  been the only place where I felt I truly belong! I think the Lord allowed me to get rejected in a variety of ways in my life so I could learn to not lean on anything for a sense of identity & belonging BUT HIM.

Looking in other places or people for belonging & a sense of self like I used to is definitely not the right way to live AT ALL! I didn’t value myself & most importantly, it doesn’t please God. We are not to live subservient to other people’s opinions. Its actually sin!
We don’t have to work prove ourselves to people who have already rejected us in their heart from the beginning. What only matters is pleasing God, doing HIS WILL & being accepted by Him!  Not by other people!

That’s not to say certain people’s opinion do not matter. The Bible says to listen to wise counsel, basically to Godly advice from mature people in the Lord who demonstrate good character & good fruit in their lives. Who love you & want the best for you! Most of all, we must follow the leading of the Holy Spirit! ❤

As a single woman in my late 30s, I can say with all honesty at times it’s not easy like everything, but the Lord fulfills me & I don’t ever ever feel lonely! I’m grateful for my family & friends who care about me, & but I no longer chase after people or places that simply don’t care for me or not appreciate me.

We have a lot to give as daughters of the Most High & we need to make sure not to waste it on people who simply do not care & will waste your time & resources. Be wise. It’s sad to say, but some people are users so be careful the company you keep, ask the Lord for guidance, for good Godly friends!  Focus on those people who do appreciate you, & most of all, our MAIN focus is on the One who truly loves us, who goes above & beyond daily to show us He loves us & that we BELONG with Him!!!!! God is always chasing after our heart. What an amazing feeling! 💕🙌🏻😭

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