Goal setting for 2018

pexels-photo-374897.jpegSo one huge problem I’ve always had in my life has been with goal setting. It seems like a simple enough task, but I am just now figuring out how to break it down & get things done! Hey, better late than never amirite? 😥😊

In all seriousness, it’s NEVER too late or too early to set goals for yourself; I truly believe we should all have long- term & short-term goals, at every stage of our lives. We should constantly be striving to learn more, to be better people, strenghten our relationships, & the biggest one of all, improve our relationship with God.

It seems like such a daunting, overwhelming task!!!! 🤤

The very thought used to paralyze me on my tracks… I’m here to tell you: DON’T LET IT! Don’t let these goals & dreams seem intimidating or daunting. Don’t let PERFECTIONISM get the best of you. Perfectionism is the enemy of action imo, & action is required to achieve our goals!! And not huge actions, little tiny steps make all the difference.

Whatever your goal is. Getting fit. Losing weight. Saving money. Paying off debt. Traveling. WHATEVER it is! Just figure out what would be the 1st small step required, and take it. Don’t think, oh this is too little, too small. Look at what this other person did. Comparisons WILL KILL your dreams. Just take that first small step. Then the next small step, then the next. Take it in faith.

God has put certain dreams inside each & every one of us for a reason. We all have unique talents & abilities that we need to share with the world in order to further His kingdom! It’s actually our duty here on earth!

So give your fears to the Lord & trust in Him. Don’t leave God out of your plans. Present them to Him in prayer. Make sure your plans are according to His will, & don’t be discouraged. I will be posting more about goal setting (currently obsessed with this topic lol), but for now I will leave this verse, another promise that we need to hold on to:

Delight yourself in the Lord,
    and He will give you the desires of your heart.

Psalm 37:4 ESV

Xoxo 😗❤

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