Goal setting for 2018-Pt.2

pexels-photo-373984.jpegOk, so I just want to share how I personally organized my goal setting, then you can use this to reflect upon your own life as well! 🙂

I thought about 6 differents kinds areas in my life, then for each of these areas, I figured out short- term & the long- term goal(s). The 6 areas are:

  • Spiritual
  • Relationships/ emotional
  • Education & career/ professional
  • Financial
  • Health
  • Personal- hobbies, travel, passion projects, etc.
  1. What are your short & long term goals in each of these areas?
  2. What are the small steps you need to take in order to get yourself started?
  3. How does God fit into each of these categories?
    Note: Our identity in Christ, in my opinion, our relationship with Him, should be a top goal for us! It will make everything else fall into place. 🙂

This isn’t really a professional “guideline” about setting goals or anything lol, but it’s been really helpful to visualize my life this way & map things out. It also made me reflect on what I really want out of life, as it forced me to think about the long- term. I like to evaluate my progress like twice a week, plan the week ahead, as well as prepare the night before… (But more time management later!) 😉

You can even re-work goals as needed. Also I personally do not set time limits on most goals. I know it sounds odd lol, but for me personally, I noticed time constraints just do not work. Like I have a “range” but no SPECIFIC dates. Like for losing weight… weight may fluctuate & its silly to feel “let down” just bc Im not at a certain weight by a certain date, when the next week I could be! Lol. As long as I am putting in effort, that’s the most important thing imo.

Anyway I hope this helps someone out there! 🙂 Remember don’t stress, just take it easy & enjoy God’s blessings. ❤

Xoxo ❤😗

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