Time Management- Making time for God


How we manage our time is extremely important for us Christians simply because the way in which we choose to spend our time has to honor God.

It’s totally ok to relax & have down time. We need this. We really shouldn’t be stressed out. And it’s also great to be busy with things in your schedule that are productive & that we love. However, (& I’m sure you’ve heard this before bc it’s SO prevalent!!), we must have BALANCE in our lives & make a little time everyday for God! ❤

There will never be enough time in the world to do all the things we would ideally like to do. That’s why it’s important to figure what matters, prioritize, & carve time in our busy schedules for these things. It’s ok to say no & turn down activities or people that don’t matter to you that much, that are toxic, or aren’t productive (without being rude of course lol). Ultimately, being too busy not only causes burnout, but your work quality can suffer and if you aren’t able to follow through & often cancel, it will cause people to stop relying on you. God’s word says in Matthew 5:37:

37 But let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’ For whatever is more than these is from the evil one.

I don’t think this means you’re evil if you cancel plans lol😂,(hopefully! Haha) but I think it means we need to be diligent & follow through if we give our word, as much as humanly possible. That way, people know that when we say yes, it will be for real. They will believe our word.

For a long time, I used to feel guilty saying no to people. Even those close to me. But now I’m understanding more & more that my relationship with God is a duty for me as a Christian! I cannot let distractions get in the way of that. Of course there are exceptions lol, life is busy. But it’s ok to be zealous about your time doing the things you love or need to do. If you’re not, there will always be a distraction to take you away from your passions & goals.

If we just try to get in the habit of spending just a little time with God everyday, prioritizing Him firstly, & also the activities & people that matter to us, we’ll see the results in our lives in an amazing way. Let’s make this a goal for 2018! 🎉❤🎆

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