A New Chapter

PicsArt_01-07-05.20.19This week is the commencement a new chapter in my life.

I start my new job.

And with it, come new opportunities, new people, new lessons, and new responsibilities. I pray that I don’t take these lightly. I pray that as I take these steps, I always am led by God & that my actions are not really mine, but Him using me for His purpose.

The word commencement has always been very interesting to me. In Spanish, “comenzar,” means to start. It’s a beginning. But, it is also an end. A happy end, a promotion to the next level. It’s a ceremony to celebrate the fact that you finished a certain level & have graduated from that level. You passed all the tests, completed all the assignments.20180107_091808

So basically it’s the same in life. If we end one chapter successfully, & we can call it the beginning of a new one as well, as we have been promoted. We have graduated to the next level! 🙌 If we haven’t, it will be a start alright, but of the same chapter all over again. (I’ve been here!!)

This new job comes with a great deal of benefits, & I just pray that the Lord helps me do the best of my ability. I am humbled. I really do not know what to expect because I’ve never worked in a position like this, but I feel prepared. I feel ready for this new chapter of my life. Thank you Lord.🙏

Hope you have a blessed week! Xoxo💖

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