Nothing can Substitute Experience and God’s Guidance

pexels-photo-66100Nothing in life can substitute experience and God’s guidance. Education can get you prepared, and it is often essential in dealing with like half of problems imo lol. But often times, when we are in real- world situations, whether they are personal or professional, really all we have to rely on is our experience and well, the voice of God to guide us of course!

Having experience is having confidence. If you master a certain area of your life, you will be confident in this area. That is why it’s so important to constantly keep changing for the better and improving. But how do we improve? By not being afraid of making mistakes. Yes we’ve all heard it, “ mistakes are proof that you are trying” LOL. But cliche-y sayings aside, learning to see the LESSONS in your mistakes, and seeing them as part of the growth process, will help in our journey to grow in whatever area it is that we’re looking to grow.

IF you learn the lessons in your mistakes, they will be part of your experience. And this is valuable knowledge! If you fail to learn these lessons, well you’ll just have to try again and again, making the same mistakes until you finally see it. (trust me LOL). I am more & more learning to ask God for A. wisdom, and B. strength. Windom is to be able to learn from our mistakes. To understand WHY things happened, & what role WE played. To understand what HIS WILL is. And strength, to do what is necessary to rise above the situation & be victorious! Remember, God has already given us the victory! We just have to believe it & claim it for ourselves! 💖

The sad part is, some people actually go through their entire lives repeating the SAME mistakes OVER AND OVER, not learning from their past mistakes. It’s ok to make mistakes, but we also shouldn’t be stuck our entire lives on the same mistakes. 

God’s love and guidance is readily available for us, so why aren’t some people using it like they should? I know I didn’t before, and I am still learning. I think as humans, it’s difficult for us accept the fact that we don’t actually know what we are doing lol. But once we do, once we surrender ourselves to the Lord and humble ourselves, life actually becomes a LOT less complicated! LOL.

That way I can add it to my experience, keep going, and help others, instead of going through life defeated, repeating the same mistakes over & over, and not seeking God’s guidance like I’m supposed to. The sooner we accept that we will always need God our lives, the sooner we can make real progress. 😊💖

Hope you have a blessed Sunday! Xoxo

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