Waiting Patiently & with JOY

PicsArt_01-09-03.24.59This week, I was supposed to start my new job, but due to a sequence of events beyond my control, I am now having to wait until at least another week before I begin! (The extreme cold we’ve been having made a pipe burst at the office, which then flooded, & now systems are down! AND on top of that the extreme weather has led to lots of closures as well!).  

So now I wait… and that can be the biggest challenge! Keeping your JOY and patience while waiting for things we want so badly. We often have our own plans and expectations, but if things don’t go just as we wanted, we get frustrated and upset. We let it steal our joy. I used to do this, but now I am deciding I’m not letting life’s unexpected situations steal my joy and peace. In the long run, does it really matter that my start date is delayed just a week? It doesn’t. I can choose to spend this week being happy, busy, and productive, OR, I can spend this week being miserable, complaining how my new job is delayed, not finding solutions, and missing out on other possible blessings because of my focus on this one thing. The choice is up to me!

Well I am choosing the former! I’m choosing to be joyful. Even though this may not be what I had planned, I trust God and His timing and that He will take care of me and provide, so really there is no need to worry! It really is nice to get to sleep in one more week lol. 1-thessalonians-5-16-18

Hope you are having a blessed week!

Xoxo 😊💖

PS- I’m going back to my old “job” as a nanny this week, possibly next week, until I am able to go in to work! It’s a blessing! :)💖

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