Learning to Trust God’s Will 💖💪


I had a situation present itself lately and the end result was simply not what I expected. It seemed like things were not in my favor. From my purely flawed human standpoint, it seemed as if I had lost the battle. And I don’t like losing lol. I can’t think of a single person who does. But more than that, I don’t like it when unfair or unjust things happen to me. I don’t like seeing evil people getting away with their bad deeds, especially when their bad deeds were aimed at hurting me or those that I love! So I was kinda like God, WHAT’S UP WITH THAT?! 😤😔😢 I wasn’t like mad or upset at God or anything. But for a second I was like, why is thing happening to me? I didn’t understand.🙁
I felt this burning question deep within me, I didn’t understand why. Finally, God answered my question, and it’s so obvious yet I somehow I missed it: GOD’S WILL. 🤓 (oops lol)
As Christians we don’t always win all of the time here on earth. That is just a fact. Being Christian does not mean we’ll get treated fairly (quite the opposite, actually), and it doesn’t mean we’ll always get our way. Yes, God is good to us and He blesses us. But there are times when His will might be in conflict with what we want, our desires, and when that happens, we might FEEL LIKE we are losing, but we are actually winning because our Father is being good to us. He is not permitting us to go outside of His will. He is protecting us from something that is not good for us, something that in the future, will be very harmful for our lives and will separate us from Him and our purpose.
I knew I had to accept whatever end result came out of this ordeal. EVEN IF things were not in my favor, it doesn’t mean I am not in God’s favor. I shouldn’t take it to mean God doesn’t love me or like I was doing something wrong. Sometimes, you can be doing everything right, but there are situations where God’s will just wants to take you in a different direction, and we just have to trust Him and go with it! We also have to trust that even though we may not see our vindication right then and there, you can trust that if someone has wronged you, God will make it right. He WILL do justice in His timing, we don’t have to do a single thing except trust God. We never have to take matters into our own hands or anything of the sort.
I might have lost the battle, looking at it from a human standpoint. But from a spiritual standpoint, it was a definite win. I’m grateful to God for protecting me because I wanted something that was not His will, and I do not want anything that is not God’s will in my life!! As great as it may SEEM or appear. Maybe this was God’s plan all along. I think the other lesson for me personally here is that, when it comes to making decisions (no matter how small or big) I need to involve God, or else those decisions, made with my own human rationale, will basically take me down the wrong path. Sometimes, decisions which seem small can have a big impact. So we need to involve God in every area of our lives.
God wants the best for us. I thought the outcome I had in my mind was the best outcome. But it is not! God is all powerful, and whatever outcome He has planned, you can trust it will be a million times better! We just have to trust in Him. It can be difficult sometimes, but God will always provide everything we need. We will never lack a good thing. And we never have to be afraid.
So onward and upward, God has blessings for us like we cannot even imagine. 💖

The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing. —Psalm 34:10

Have a blessed week! Xoxo 💖

4 thoughts on “Learning to Trust God’s Will 💖💪

  1. I lost a friend recently and this post really speaks to how we need to surrender to God’s will. I started following your blog because I love your positive energy and the name of your blog is based on my favorite scripture. Thank you and keep up the good writing! 💗

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