Remaining Grateful & Faithful through the Seasons 🙏❤

Sometimes in life, there are periods that we go through that are just simply stressful. They’re more intense, for many reasons, and those are periods that we have to go through. They bring situations that are really outside of our control. And it is in these times, that we are the MOST tempted to abandon our faith in God. However it is in these times that we NEED to hold on to God the most and must remain firm in our faith.This is because these are also periods that God uses to develop great character and growth within us. He’s getting us ready for our next level, for bigger blessings, to use us in even bigger ways for His glory! If we remain grateful and faithful during these seasons of stress, we will see greater blessings from Him in our lives. Not to mention, we will be saved!! If we don’t show that faithfulness, we won’t pass that test, & how is the Lord going to promote & use us if we cannot even pass the smaller tests? We will remain on the same level with the same problems. Struggling with the basics of faith. Unless our character is developed, we won’t be ready to receive those blessings. So God prepares us for the seasons ahead.

It is vital that we let God shape us and that we make sure to keep an attitude of humility before the Lord. The enemy knows God is preparing us, which is why he wages his biggest war against us during times like this. It feels like the pressure knob of life is turned up to the maximum it can go. But we must take off the blinders the enemy tries to put on us, and recognize all the blessings we do have and that we often take for granted when we’re in the midst of difficult situations. We must remember that God is our provider, so whatever it is we need, God will provide it. That is a promise from the Lord.

Most of all, we should rejoice. Because these trials are the great opportunities the Lord is using to make us grow. He wants to see us develop & grow closer to Him & learn to trust Him more and more. And we need to see this as our reality and not be resistant to the Lord when He is trying to change our hearts. That is THE reality. Don’t believe any other distorted version of the Truth that the enemy tries to sell to you. Otherwise, we will not grow and remain stagnant spiritually. The enemy likes for us to be blind to the blessings we have in our lives, that way he can corner us and make us feel frustrated, and like we have no hope and no way out. He like to plant seeds of doubt in your mind & heart, he likes to make us think that God has abandoned us. But of course, these are all lies from the father of lies. We have to focus on God. Not on the size of the problem, and not on what season anyone else may be currently going through.

Would you ever date anyone who abandoned you when things got even a little bit difficult in your life? Would you be a friend with anyone who stopped talking to you when you had a rough situation, only to reappear when things are good again? I don’t think anyone would lol. But this is exactly what some Christians do to God. And can you imagine how incredibly FAITHFUL God is to us, that even though we’ve left Him like a million times, He remains? He always takes us back? He’s open to us, wants to save us, & wants a close relationship with us! 💖😃 That thought to me, is simply amazing! But if we want to move on to the next level, we have to remain. God has never failed us & will never fail us. We have to stop looking at the distractions surrounding us, at all the “evidence” or reasons why something in your life is so wrong. We have to stop believing the enemy’s lies. Listen to God’s voice. Listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit in your life. ❤🙏

So no matter what you do during your trial, just always remain faithful to God, with an attitude of gratefulness and humility before Him, and He will make a way in any situation. 💖🙌

Hope you are having a blessed week! Xoxo 💖


9 thoughts on “Remaining Grateful & Faithful through the Seasons 🙏❤

  1. Well spoken and written.. I enjoyed every aspect of it.. Actually God is faithful even when we are not faithful.. He remain faith. Many times when we are on a cross road, we tempt to give up.. But through the word of His power, we are revived again and made strong. Thanks for this wonderful piece of information.. I am blessed.. Glory! – Israel

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