You Are Beautiful Because…

You are beautiful because you are the Lord's

You are beautiful because you are the Lord’s, you are God’s daughter! As Christian women, our worth is not defined by our external beauty. Don’t judge yourselves by the standards of this world. This world is Satan’s domain, & he has created a system where people become SLAVES to their looks, their outward appearance, yet inside, they are completely void, empty, & Godless. Judge yourself only by God’s standards.
Don’t fall for Satan’s lies & schemes. God created us in His image, & as Christian women, we have the Holy Spirit living within us. We have been sealed with the Holy Spirit & our power comes from our relationship with God, not from anything we do or any quality He made us with. Physical beauty is NOT a reliable measure or source of self-worth. And your sexuality is to be saved for the covenant of marriage. It is not something to be given away, only to your husband in marriage. Sure, we can take care of our appearance but do not obsess over it, & do not let it become an idol in your life. God created each one of us beautiful & unique in our own way, each one with a special set of talents & abilities nobody else has. These talents are meant to be used for God’s kingdom & glory!!
As followers of Christ, we belong to the Lord. Our beauty lies in the fact that we are daughters of the King of Kings. We worship the most high God, & we are free in Christ, not slaves to appearances or pressures of this world. Keep yourself pure no matter what until marriage, & get rid of anyone who tries to trespass your boundaries. You are not just anybody. Don’t ever forget that & don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!! 💖🙌🏻👑
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