You Have a Purpose

• You have a purpose • Tbh, hearing those words years ago, was completely LIFE CHANGING. I never knew God had a purpose for me. I felt so alone on this earth & very much broken & rejected. I thought my life was not valid or pointless, the enemy had taken over my mind & had me thinking that I was bad & unredeemable. I simply had no hope. It came to point where I wanted to die. I didn’t understand why I had to be born. 😭 I asked God, why did you let me be born? For me to live like this? God definetely answered that question…
God was always there, even when I rejected Him. When I finally left my pride aside & cried out to Jesus to please, help me get out of this inner torture, He saved me from those demons of depression, anger, suicide, anxiety, that came to take my life. (B/c I too had opened spiritual doors by living in sin) God gave me life, a living hope to live for, He restored every part of me. He made me NEW! I will never grow tired of testifying about the Lord! If you are struggling with mental or emotional issues of any kind, the BEST thing you could ever do is give your life to Jesus. Turn away from living in sin. He will restore every single broken piece & make something so beautiful out of your life. You have a purpose. That purpose was designed by God for you, because He created you! 💖
Everyone has their own tests in life they must overcome if they want to reach their unique God- given purpose, & we can only do that with Jesus! I know very well that the enemy also has a plan he would like to carry out, a plan for my demise, but God has not allowed that to happen. & The more obedient I am to the Lord, the closer I am in my relationship to Him, the more VICTORY I see in my life on every level! 🙌🏻💯
I dont think God is totally done with me or that Im done reaching my full purpose in the Lord, but I can proudly say He has helped me to overcome MAJOR challenges that were meant to kill me, literally!
So if the enemy wants me dead so badly, it only means God has even BIGGER plans in store! I live to testify about Jesus! I’ll always take my sword & I’m ready for battle! 🙏🏻🙌🏻💖⚔📖💪

♡Jeremiah 29:11♡ For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

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