A Real Relationship with Jesus❤

Now that I’m working out again, I’m noticing just how much excersise is similar to faith & our relationship with Jesus! To give you one example, the other day (it was only my 2nd time going to the gym lol), I was hoping to get to the gym. I checked how full it was online, & it said it was VERY full. I was shocked & bummed.😭 Because I’m trying to go when it’s not so full due to the pandemic & it was early. But I felt the Holy Spirit tell me to just go & check it out for myself. So I did.
Much to my surprise, the gym was EMPTY!!! 😮😅 It got me thinking though, about how many times we simply accept what is being said about Jesus, & do not experience a real relationship with Him for ourselves!!! When we do this, we miss out on the FULL benefits & blessings that come from having a close & personal relationship with Jesus! Had I accepted what google said, I would’ve missed out on a great workout! 💪🏻Thank you Holy Spirit!! 🙌🏻💕
The world will always try to pull us away from God, to separate us from His great love. So we really must decide to put our FAITH in Jesus. It’s a desicion each of us must make. To repent of our sins & see for ourselves His amazing love. To gain eternal life through Jesus. ❤
Just like excersise, if I don’t go into the gym myself, I will not reap the benefits. If we do not cultivate a relationship with Jesus, we will not reap the benefits either. (Although He’s merciful & wants us to be saved, & extends us a tonnnn of GRACE!) But we must put in our effort, diligence, in FAITH!
Don’t try to simply live by just what other people tell you of Jesus. I love being edified by others, & need it, but I also know It’s not enough to sustain me & need to seek Jesus myself. Personally! You must enter into a real relationship with Jesus! And trust me once you do, you will never look back! Having a relationship with Jesus is the most amazing gift!!! It’s available to ALL of us who desire it!!! ❤
♡ 2 Corinthians 9:15 ♡
Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!
♡ 2 Corintios 9:15 ♡
 !!Gracias a Dios por su don inefable!

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