The 2nd Hebrew word I’ve been loving is “Hallel.” Hallel means “PRAISE” in Hebrew. It is also a prayer, Psalms 113- 118 are called the Hallel Psalms, & in the Jewish culture, these were & are still today, recited as part of the worship during special festivities such as Sukkot, Hannukah, Rosh Hashana, Passover, etc.❤ Bible scholars think that it’s these Psalms that Jesus was singing at the last supper! The Hallel Psalms!

Hallel is the 1st part of the word Hallelujah! Jah means Lord, Yahweh. So Hallelujah means, to praise the Lord!!!

Isn’t all that SO AMAZING?! Which is why Hallel is such a beautiful word to me & I thought would make an amazing boy name as well. 💙😁
Let’s never forget to pray for Israel & the Jewish people. The worldwide church & all the children & those suffering. Always keep them in your prayers!

♡ Psalm 117 ♡
Extol Him, All You Peoples
1Praise the LORD, all you nations!
Extol Him, all you peoples!
2For great is His loving devotion toward us,
and the faithfulness of the LORD endures forever.

♡ Salmos 117 ♡
Alabanza por la misericordia de Jehová

117 Alabad a Jehová, naciones todas;
    Pueblos todos, alabadle.
2 Porque ha engrandecido sobre nosotros su misericordia,
Y la fidelidad de Jehová es para siempre.

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