4 Bible Study Methods!

My favorite ways of studying the Bible! πŸ˜πŸ“–πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ’—

β™‘1. Topical or word study β™‘
These are 2 different methods but they’re similar. In a topic Bible study you look up what the Bible says on a theme or topic. In a word study, you look up a word & see what it means in the Bible. When you cross reference it helps so much to understand the big picture!! πŸ’—

β™‘ 2. Bible Character Study β™‘
I love Bible character studies becauseΒ  I really feel like I can relate to all of them (only the good ones lol!), it helps me so much to understand my identity in Christ & God’s Love & His character.

β™‘ 3. Chapter Study β™‘
I like to do chapter studies because it gives you a sense of order of things & helps build your knowledge.

β™‘ 4. Chronological Study β™‘
Chronological studies are when you study the Bible in the order in which things hapenned. You can do a chronological study of the entire Bible (I have never done this but it’s one of my goals!), or just the New Testament, or Old Testament!

β˜† Other tips, I have a study Bible & always use reference websites along with my Bible study.(Usually Gotquestions for Biblical questions, Biblehub & OpenBible have cross references, many Bible versions, word searches, & Bible dictionaries, commentaries all free! And the versions I use are Berean Study Bible,Β  King James Bible, & ESV.β˜†

Do you have any methods or tips? Do you already use any of these? Feel free to share below! I hope these are a blessing to you!

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