Giving too much of ourselves

pexels-photo-714697.jpegI am a generous person. It’s in my blood, in my DNA, it’s my personality, I simply love to give! Unfortunately, people like me often get taken advantage of. How much giving is too much? Is there a limit, should there be?

This is something that I’ve struggled with personally. I’m not talking about just money here, although that does play a role. I mean time, affection, & attention; are we giving away these precious commodities to people & things that are simply not worth it & do not deserve it?

I believe when it comes down to it, it all boils down to having strong personal boundaries in EVERY area of your life, & defending those boundaries regardless of how you may feel at the moment, because you know, deep down inside, those boundaries are correct & the present feeling may cloud your judgement of a situation. While those feelings subside, strong personal boundaries serve as a barrier or as a defense against any form of manipulation that may be occurring.

The importance of strong personal boundaries in every area of life cannot be overstated!! Boundaries will save you from bad business deals, toxic friendships & relationships, basically they will save your life. Boundaries, imo, must be rooted in the word of God. Because if we know Him, then we know how we should be treated, & how we need to be treating others as well. They also need to follow God’s teachings for our lives, as we are expected to be obedient to Him as His followers.

This takes a lot of effort! It’s not easy creating these boundaries, let alone enforcing them. But you’ll find that over time, it not only becomes easy but its 2nd nature. You wouldn’t live any other way & you’ll wonder how you ever survived without these boundaries based on God!!

I’m going to write more on this topic because I want to share my personal tips on creating boundaries that are in line with God & the Bible. For now, if this is an area where you struggle, pray to God that He helps you create those boundaries. Pray for wisdom. Let God show you the areas where you may be a little too generous & could use some more boundaries or limits.

I will be praying for you as well! Please comment if you would like prayer or anything else! ❤❤❤

Happy Sunday, Xoxo😘😘


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