Spiritual Attacks

lion-predator-big-cat-cat-162093.jpegHow to recognize, how to ward off, what to do when you feel like you are being attacked.

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. — 1 Peter 5:8 NIV

Recently, I felt like I was being spiritually attacked. If you know how to recognize the signs, you already know what they are & how awful this is. Spiritual attacks are from the enemy and they are meant to destroy us physically, mentally, & most of all, spiritually. They are meant to separate us from the love of God, with thoughts that bombard our mind & fill our hearts with angst, mentally blocking us & often even physically crippling us with overwhelming sadness & tiredness. Often times it seems like they happen when we’ve had a major breakthrough or are about to do something for the Kingdom of God (as big or small as it may seem). At least this has been my experience. The devil will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to see us down, defeated, & most of all SEPARATED from the love of God. But in the name of Jesus that will NOT happen!! The victory is already ours if we just claim it!!

Whenever I hear any form of negative voice in my mind going against the will of the Lord in my life, questioning it, accusing me, & putting me down, or telling me to question God, I know its a spiritual attack. The problem is, often times it starts in such a subtle way, that you wouldn’t even recognize it unless you were really paying attention. Thats where the Holy Spirit alerts us. We CANNOT do it on our own strength, we MUST RELY on the Holy Spirit to recognize & ward off these attacks from the enemy.

But if we’ve been disconnected from God, we may not even recognize it & leave the door opened to an attack from the enemy into our lives.

So what can we do to prevent an attack?

Short answer: Stay prayed up! Pray everyday, read your Bible, & be in touch with the Holy Spirit.

What if you are already experiencing one?
❤🙏Pray, & ask for prayer!!! This is important.❤🙏

I think in life we’re going to go through moments of hardship, but imo spiritual attacks are just different. They’re a door that was left cracked open & the devil is trying to sneak in.

Shut the door on his face. Better yet, let God show the devil his place, OUT of your life completely!! God will fight the battle, but we MUST do our part as well. Stay in obedience, & stay in prayer. ASK God for strenght. ❤❤

Here are two links I found with some great info on this topic. I am by no means an expert on this lol, I can only speak on my own experience. But I hope this helps anyone out there who may experiencing this. ❤❤❤

Gotquestions.org– What can I do when I am under spiritual attack?

http://www.beliefnet.com — 6 vulnerability points the devil uses to attack you

God bless & PRAY!! 🙂 ❤🙏

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