Hitting the Reset Button 😉🏝🙏

20180426_122001_0001These past few days, I went on a mini vacation with my family… Although it was sort of last minute & not as long as we would’ve liked, it was a simply amazing experience! Something about it was so incredibly relaxing, we had a great time, & the place was so beautiful. I feel like the “reset” button was hit in my life LOL. I feel recharged & ready to take on the next few months with a new perspective.
Lately I felt a huge mental block & I’m not sure why. Maybe I was just in dire need of this trip, but I was really really struggling to make decisions. Just like a computer, I think my system was just overloaded with plans, ideas, & worries that shouldn’t have been there in the first place! I’ve had to make a lot of important decisions for my life lately, & I had fear in me, I know I have to step forward in certain areas but I was hesitating so badly. I just kept thinking of all the past times I took a leap of faith, & I just failed miserably. They were not what God wanted for me. I’m much more cautious now when making any decision for myself. I carefully examine pros & cons & don’t listen to my heart. Most of all, I let God & the Holy Spirit guide me & give me the answers.

The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? — Jeremiah 17:9 NIV

But I had been sort of “frozen”, or undecided, about certain things in my life for a while. I’ve refused to dive completely in on some areas out of this fear; I’ve had such bad experiences from decisions I make on my own, following the desires of my heart, that now I just absolutely require God’s approval for the big & small decisions. I guess I’m not sure if it’s fear or just waiting on the Lord. But either way, during this trip, I got my answer!! 🙌💖 I felt in my Spirit that God was telling me I need to step forward in faith, He is protecting me. 💖🙏 I was reminded of this promise:

The trip was far from perfect lol, there were a few snags. The flight was delayed, they gave us the wrong car at the rental place & we had to wait what seemed like forever to get the right car in 85 degree weather and 2 kids, one which got a poopy diaper once we got to leave LOL. 💩💩 Then there was the day my baby niece peed on my Dad 🤣😂😂🤣 Then when we left, my father forgot his carry on inside the rental car after it was turned in! So it was insane trying to recover it (We did thanks to an employee who ran to get it, & went to great lenghts to recover it! He is basically an everyday, unsung HERO! 🤓🏅💯)


I really felt the hand of God protecting us every step of the way & it gave me such incredible peace! He put the right people on our path & we were truly blessed. 💖🙏
I hadn’t traveled with my family like that for many years, so it was crazy but it was really nice to be together, mentally reset, gain new perspective from the Lord, & enjoy life’s blessings. 💖🙏🏝💯
I hope you have a blessed week! Xoxo 💖🙏


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